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First BFI Workshops

The first series of BFI workshops ‘Re-envisioning Film Theory: Sites of Circulation between Europe and Africa’ was held at BFI Southbank on 13 and 20 June and 4 July 2023. 

Will Higbee Professor of Film Studies, Exeter University with Nadia Denton, author, film industry professional, and presenter ‘Beyond Nollywood’ (13 Jun); Sarah Cooper Professor of Film Studies, KCL with Aboubakar Sanogo Associate Professor, Carleton University (20 Jun); and Erica Carter Professor of German and Film, KCL (4 Jul) presented a three-session course exploring what we understand by film theory, how it might connect with industry practice, and how it might be re-envisioned in a global context. Through presentations, clips, and discussion, sessions focused on Euro-African encounters across sites—from film festivals through cities to film schools—where theory has circulated between imperialism and decolonisation.

Please find a summary and reading suggestions for each session below:

Session 1: African Film Festivals as a Space of Encounter between Theory and Practice

Session 2: Paris as Site of Circulation of Theory between Imperialism and Decolonisation

Session 3: Film Schools as Transnational Contact Zones