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First Network Symposium

The first network symposium of the Global Circulations of Film Theory network took place online on Saturday 22 April. We are pleased to share the recording of the event below. 

This is the first of three online symposia that will run during the course of the project centred on three core concepts (sites, practices, circulations) relating to the circulation and translation (in the broadest sense) of film theory. Our focus in this first symposium was on the ‘sites’ of circulation of theory, i.e. the very places where there is intensive exchange around theory, for example, film schools, festivals, cinemas/cinematheques, conferences, archives, universities, but also broader places and wider spaces such as cities and other locales. Two set readings were circulated in advance:  

Liz Bruchet, Ming Tiampo, ‘Slade, London, Asia: Contrapuntal Histories between Imperialism and Decolonization 1945–1989 (Part 1),’ British Art Studies, Issue 20,

Masha Salazkina, ‘Introduction: Film Theory in the Age of Neoliberal Globalization,’ Framework, volume 56, no 2, Fall 2015: 325-249. 


2-2.30pm: Welcome and Introduction 

Session 1: 2.30-3.50pm: ‘Siting’ Film Theory 

Chair: Sarah Cooper 

Presentations followed by discussion: 

Izabella Füzi (Szeged, Hungary): ‘Siting’ film theory’s lost or liquid object  

Vinzenz Hediger (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt): On film and media theory in India   

Kristof Van Den Troost (Chinese University Hong Kong): On Hong Kong as site for film criticism and culture at the height of the Cold War  

Session 2: 4-6.00pm: Sites of Film Theory: Symposia, Cities, Cinema, Worlds 

Chair: Aboubakar Sanogo 

Presentations followed by discussion: 

Hongwei Thorn Chen (Tulane): On Chinese cities and Chinese educational cinema as sites for circulation of film theory  

Mariano Mestman (University of Buenos Aires): On the impact of Third Cinema theory in the world [African Arab world and Latin America]

Part One

Part Two

Part Three